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"So long as man is protected by madness - he functions – and flourishes”-Emile M. Cioran

100 petty kings and queens rule over 100 petty kingdoms in Avalon, all under the watchful eye of Camelot, the capital city. Being more of a parliamentary group, they have what is called “The Council of Kings” where each Court can send a representative to Camelot to help govern Avalon. The Hedge is strongest there, it's vines bleeding into our realm and Freeholds litter the land, doing their best to help protect the people caught up in the mess, hedgefolk that wander into our world, and everyone against both the Keepers and Abyss. The powers of Fate and Glamor soaks into everything and is affecting the people as well. Although they are a gregarious people, Avalonians take their word very seriously (there is no greater insult than being called an oath breaker) and they are very intuitive bunch, great at sussing out the true feelings of others.

  • Benefits-A Glamorous Life

    • Free Specialty Empathy: Emotions
    • +1 to all Socialize rolls
    • Gain a +2 to resist any supernatural influence that would cause you to go back on your word
  • Curse-The Hazards of Love

    • Even for those without Wyrd, Avalonians have had their lives have been so influenced by it that during moments of stress you can swept by its power of what some call The Narrative. You see fairy tale tropes work against you: you lose your breadcrumb trail (lose 10-agains of survival rolls), you feel an overwhelming urge to rescue the “princesses” (-1 to all rolls that are not directly involved with protecting another person that you may or may not like), or the need to kiss a “frog”  to turn them into a prince (make a willpower roll not to be wrapped up to supernatural story). The Narrative can only last for a scene, and while inconvenient should never be life threatening. You may not have more than one Narrative active at a time.
  • Societal Breakdown

    • Predominant Supernatural-Changeling
    • Other Common Supernaturals found in Avalon

      • Geist Thresholds-The Forgotten
      • Vampire Clan-Daeva
      • Werewolf Clan-Hunters in Darkness
      • Mage Tradition-Acanthus
      • Hunter Compacts-Ashwood Abbey,  The Union


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