Changelings: Lost and Found

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<meta />What is madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance.”-Theodore Roethke

Changelings have spent all of their lives in the space between spaces: between Arcadia and the Mortal world, between dreams and the waking world, between their old lives and the new. No wonder that they are having a hard time adjusting to life in the open.

Before the End, Changelings were not great heroes or champions of our world; they were just trying to survive after their ordeals at the hands of the Gentry and blend into our world. All they wanted to do was pay bills, make a new life, and try not to be dragged into the Hedge kicking and screaming.

And yet without them, all would have been lost in the war against the Exarchs.

Out of nowhere the unreal came into a collision course with real, with the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn becoming permanently attached to this world and the Hedge spewing over into the open. And hell followed in its wake: slavering hobgoblins attacked led by mad Privateers and Willworkers that were more interested in conquering territory and murdering everything in their wake than their traditional MO (namely capturing innocents and selling them to the Gentry).

First they thought it was some sort of Bridge Burner ritual gone horribly, horribly wrong or some sort of Gentry magic to gain entry to this world but when they contacted the Acanthus did they realize that they were under attack by something far more sinister: the Exarchs were raiding our world, and if Courts did not help then there would be nothing left in this world or Arcadia.

There are ten thousand conflicting stories on what happened next, but here is what is known: After a Grand Council of all the Courts (Seasonal, Directional, Transitional, Day and Night) put aside their differences and pledged themselves to help the Enchanters as best they could defeat their foes, each using their strengths to help the cause: Summer and West became the foot soldiers, Spring and East helped gather allies and resources the struggle, Autumn and North led their specialties in fae magics, Winter and Dusk gathered information, and South and Dawn helped to motivate the troops.

Still, it seemed like it would not be enough in the face of such mindless, apocalyptic might. It took a motley whose name has forever been lost time, known simply as the Iron Band, to turn the tide. They traveled deep into Arcadia and discovered a horrifying truth: the reason the Exarchs were operating freely is that they somehow used the Wyrd to trap the Gentry and bound them to their will.

It is not know how they freed them or by what pact they made, but the Gentry exploded out from their captivity with ferocity unknown even by their former slaves. Caught between a viscous hammer and anvil, the armies of the Exarchs folded and the fae returned to their homes.

But as any changeling knows, you can not leave a door open and not expect visitors, and the door to the Hedge is permanently  jammed open. It is even easier for hobgoblins and hedge beasts to wander into our world and for unexpecting mortals to wander out of it and Loyalist still skulk about, looking for innocents to snatch up. But now they also have to deal with Abyssal monsters that blow in, magically tained hobs, and now corrupt Willworkers trying to appease their dark gods.

In some ways it is more difficult for changelings, particularly trying to hold on to their Clarity, but it also is an exciting time. The great city of Camelot has formed around the Watchtower, protecting mortals, changeling, and enchanters alike under the Thistle Queen’s long shadow and freeholds have spread far and wide along side the thorns. In this new world, a changeling can make anything and ever since the Fall some of them have been the greatest champions in the land and are an island of stability for their flighty Acanthus allies.

Now is the time for adventure. Now is the time of heroes. Now is the time of legends.

  • Additional Rules:

    • Distractions-Pay one Glamour to add Wyrd to Defense against un-ensorceled mortals for a turn (Reload p167)
    • Revelation in Pain- When suffering a lethal wound in combat, roll Wits+Composure or drop Mask for a split second (Reload p167)
    • Sup on Agony- When making an attack that exceeds target's Stamina in damage or causes wound penalties, harvest Glamour (Reload p167)


Changelings: Lost and Found

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