One Sentence Descriptions for the Supernaturals

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Here are brief descriptions of each supernatural being that players can choose from, how the exist in classic NWOD and how they have been tweaked for World’s End. Unless they have had major revisions, I’ve done my best to keep them as close as possible to the spirit of the original game

  • Changelings

    • NWOD-<u> </u>After being abducted and being tortured by the True Fey for years on end, Changelings have escaped to the mortal world and try to piece together their new lives after finding they were never missed, as someone else has been living their life.
    • World’s End-With the door to the land of the True Fey permanently wedged open, Changelings are key players and work with other supernaturals with a careful eye, because who better to put the world together than someone who has been broken themselves?
  • Demon

    • NWOD- The poor, misguided, and or just the stir crazy lost their souls to demons and are slowly losing their humanity (Note: I am using the demons out of the Inferno book, not to be confused the the Demon the Descent. There is not god machine here)
    • World’s End-With a ritual and a bit of daring, Mortals can sell their souls and invite demons to live inside them, granting them untold powers while slowly becoming one of them
  • Geist

    • NWOD- After spending their dying breath fusing with a ghostly spirit, Geist walk the line between two worlds and help both sides of the river styx find peace.
    • World’s End- After the craziness of the apocalypse very few are finding rest, let alone peace,  but the Geist help mediate struggles between the living and the dead
  • Hunter

    • NWOD- Without flashy powers or glamorous lineages, ordinary people strike back at the forces of darkness with organization, technology, and a heavy dose of baseball bats and firepower
    • World’s End- Turns out that the crazies were onto something, and now in this mixed up, dangerous world only by working together can people make the world safe or raid the town next door for supplies (or both!)
  • Mage

    • NWOD- Awaken by one of the Watchtowers, Mages are draw magic from one of the Supernal Realms and combat the Godlike Exarchs who do not wish to share power with anyone else
    • World’s End-Now that the Watchtowers are connected to mundane world, Mages do all they can to help protect the people caught in the cross hairs of their war against the Exarchs and rebuild the world
  • Mummy

    • NWOD-Born in the Ancient Empire, in time beyond counting, the Arisen were tasked for all of eternity with protected different artifacts  and battle against dark usurpers and their deceived followers, a struggle that lasts for infinite lifetimes
    • World’s End-The Arisen were much much better equipped to help create a new world out of the ashes of the old one, after all they have the wisdom of doing so since the dawn of time
  • Promethean

    • NWOD- Born to be abandoned by their creator and hated by the populace because of their uncanny valley, Promethean wander with their groups to balance each other out and slowly become a mortal
    • World’s End- In a vast and dangerous wasteland and empowered by the magical fallout, some Promethean have become heroic wanders while others are the bogeymen while trying to find themselves. Rummor has it that there a city made up of just the Created called Fidler's Green, but no one seems to know where this rummored paradise is.
  • Psychic

    • NWOD- Every once and while, a mortal would awaken strange mental powers not connected to any supernal realm,  spiritual connection, or blood magic.  
    • World’s End-In the pressure cooker that is the post apocalyptic wastes, more and more people are developing mental powers and often become the leaders of mortal societies
  • Vampire

    • NWOD- Clawing the way to the top can cause even the most virtuous souls to become corrupt, as you become stronger you go from drinking animal’s blood, to humans, and eventually other vampire’s in this eat-or-be-eaten struggle for power
    • World’s End- Old orders have been ripped asunder and the Kindred find themselves in an interesting position to fill in the power vacuum using their cunning, experience, and powers to protect communities because right now, if the worst thing a ruler does is drink blood then the subjects consider themselves lucky. Some of the Kindred are less benign and have teamed up with Tremer and are trying to summon the sixth and seventh tower, those of Blood and Soul.
  • Werewolf

    • NWOD- Cursed by Luna for sins of their forefathers, the Forsaken battle against their hateful brothers the Pure Ones (think Red Talons but even worse and Alt-Right) and spirits to try and create a balance in the world
    • World’s End- Now that the idea of “balance” was shattered to bits by the second sundering, the Forsaken and the Pure One have struck a delicate truce to fight against the Exarches and other Abyssal monsters, but the cold war between the two threaten to become hot at any moment

One Sentence Descriptions for the Supernaturals

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