The Faithful

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“We can never be gods, after all—but we can become something less than human with frightening ease.”

N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Not everyone was protected by the Watchtowers and the coalition of other supernaturals. Many were captured by the forces of the Exarchs, enslaved by their forces and worshiped like gods. Some of them came willingly, since for their flaws, they offer an incredibly powerful protector and stability that no one else can offer, and after seeing the horrors of the Abyssal Waste that can be a tempting. Hidden away in secret cities ruled by power and paranoia, the Faithful learned new ways to serve their masters: nonsupernal magic. While this requires some sacrifice of sanity on their part and much weaker than that of the mages, it allows them to move undetected by those trained to sniff out Seers of the Thrones. And after seeing the might and majesty of the Exarchs that could cause mages to cower in fear, what could mortals do? Turns out, quite a bit.

  • Endowments

    • 1.) Gain 2 dots in a Thaumaturgy ritual and gain a Tradition. <meta />Subtract one from all Mortality rolls when using these powers
    • 3.) You now have Contact 2 (Seers of the Throne) to call upon for service of the Exarchs
    • 5.) You are now Inspiring among the those that follow the Exarch, which can stack with the normal Inspiring Merit

The Faithful

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