Werewolf the Forsaken: Sins of the Father

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The Exarchs do the unthinkable: they broke apart the barrier to the Shadow and the spirits came pouring out. They are affected by the mage's magic and attack indiscriminately, shattering any form of balance and crushing all in their wake. The Uratha and Pure Ones agree to a truce, for different reasons: the Uratha to help save as many lives as possible while the Pure Ones want to stop this perversion of Father Wolf's duty.

In one-on-one, few can stand up to them in combat, but between the Willworker's spells, the Bane Wolves and the wrath of the spirits it seemed like they would be swept away like the rest of humanity.

It took the Shamans and the ghost wolves to broker a deal Luna and the other great spirits to stop the Exarchs on from the Shadow while they worked for the mundane world

With the threat defeated and no real central authority (other than the Singing Book who smartly realized she needed to keep out of werewolf politics) the land known as the Vendian devolved into tribal warfare. A cold war has between the two “brothers” is kept from being “hot” by the tireless work of the shamans and the ever present external threats from angry spirits, abyssal monsters, the magi's lapdogs, and now other factions.

  • Additional Rules:

    • Freezing Under Fire-Targets of Firearms must roll Resolve+Composure or spend Willpower to act-Reload p152
    • Quick Regeneration- Regeneration is equal to Primal Urge in points each turn (Reload p164)
    • War Form Gamble-Extend the length of time that a werewolf can be in War Form at a cost

Werewolf the Forsaken: Sins of the Father

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